Welcome to TNT Specialty Coatings! Here we strive to offer a higher quality of customer service and craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of services in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. From transforming your back patio to look like wood flooring to coating giant chemical containment, any type of coating is within our realm of expertise.

The Final Solution for your Flooring Needs

We are dedicated to giving our client a one of a kind experience. From residential, commercial, and industrial the same amount of detail is put in to each project. No matter how big or small we take great pride in delivering a high quality products with superior customer service.

Superior products for superior projects

TNT Specialty Coatings uses industrial coatings for any application. Most of our time is spent preparing the substrate for maximum adhesion by the coating.  

  • Experienced and Committed

  • High Customer Priority

  • Great attention to detail

Residential Services

Interior and exterior concrete surfaces, walkways, water features, and waterproofing is specialties of ours.

Commercial Services

From a lobby floor that will impress to functional warehousing floor, we can fix up your gray concrete.

Industrial Services

Coatings are abrasion and chemical resistant. Industrial space deserves good looking, functional concrete.

Concrete Services

Tired of your unleveled, cracked concrete? Why have it torn out and replaced when you can repair it! We are specialists in various types of concrete repair.  

We offer a lot of restoration options

TNT Specialty Coatings uses the highest grade materials that will stand the test of time. Save your concrete today.

  • Industrial Concrete Flooring

  • Embedded Floor Logos

  • Polishing

  • Airplane Hangars

  • Warehouse Flooring

  • Industrial Coatings

Decorative Concrete

TNT Specialty Coatings can transform a gray slab of concrete until a functional showpiece. Our systems are highly customizable and we offer a plethora of color options.

Transforming dull, gray concrete

TNT Specialty Coatings uses industrial coatings that are highly customizable. We emphasize importance on the preparation of concrete surfaces.  

  • 66% of time spent on preparation

  • Industrial products used on every application

  • Trained and attention to detail

Why Choose Us

  • TNT Specialty Coatings has years of experience. We work with you to be sure the very best solution and/or coating will surpass your expectation for years to come. 

Capital Steel

We are a Capital Steel dealer and build premier steel buildings. Each building comes with out signature concrete coated floors.

Superior products for superior projects

TNT Specialty Coatings/CemCon builds the highest quality steel building. We are heavily focused on customer satisfaction.

  • Customizable Color Schemes

  • 100% American Made

  • Custom Flooring

Unmatched Dedication

  • TNT Specialty Coatings is a group of very dedicated individuals. We take great pride in our workmanship and provide a superior level of customer service.